AM Tools 1.01

I just uploaded version 1.01 of my AM Tools Python package today, which you can of course download from the Maya tools section. You can look through the files to see all of the changes that I made, but here are some of the major highlights.

  • amInsertParents is now a Python command. I have therefore retired the old MEL version.
  • Added API Debug Mode to menu. Enabling this mode overrides some Maya Python API classes for debugging. For this release, this mode overrides the __str__() functionality of MMatrix and MVector.
  • Substantially improved a number of utility functions for validating input.
  • Added validation for custom plug-ins.
  • Fixed some language-related bugs that existed for Maya 8.5.

As always, please let me know if you have any problems or other feedback!

One thought on “AM Tools 1.01”

  1. Woops! Got a little trigger-happy trying to put this up before going out to see Avatar. I had accidentally uploaded an old version of the dg module that had an error in it. I have updated the ZIP to contain the proper version!

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