Adding Unity Tools

Waiting on videos to render is the perfect time to add and update site content, because everything else is bogged down. In that respect, I wanted to note that my Unity tools page is now open for business, where I will be posting more components and editor scripts in the future. For starters, I have uploaded two basic components (each zip file contains a UnityScript and a C# version).

The first component is an aim constraint, to simply mimic the behavior of Maya’s aim constraint. The benefit of using this over a simple call to Quaternion.LookRotation() is that you can specify arbitrary forward and up axes on the constrained object (just as in Maya). You could use this with the AssetPostprocessor class to automatically import constraints in your asset files (FBX, Maya, etc.).

The second component is a look rotation constraint. It allows you to not only specify arbitrary forward and up axes on the constrained object, but also constrain it to a world forward-vector and world up-vector (so it does not need to aim at a target, but can mimic the “pointing” direction of another transform).

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