AM Tools 1.03

I just uploaded an update to my AM Tools package, which contains some new goodies. In addition to including the AM_Ribbon plug-in that I previewed previously, I have also included an AM_ExposeTransform node, which I will be discussing in an upcoming Autodesk MasterClass that I am doing with Ryan. This node, much like its counterpart in 3D Studio Max, outputs transformation data for an object with respect to another object. In addition to basics like translation, rotation, and distance, the node also allows you to compute the angle between arbitrary axes on the objects as well as an angle from the exposed object’s arbitrary axis to the reference object’s position. Take a look in the example file to get some ideas of how you might use it. Special thanks to my friend, Sean Binder of Raven Software, for providing me with the torso model.

On top of these additions and the usual cleanup and bug fixes, I have made some further changes:

  • In keeping with Maya convention and planning for a future merge of hip and shoulder constraint commands and nodes, the node names are now lowercase (am_hipConstraint and am_shoulderConstraint) and the version numbering scheme has been changed. Please take note if you have any Maya ASCII files containing these nodes.
  • I fixed some errors with the Insert Parents tool (the module and the command) that could arise from naming conflicts.
  • I have added debug support for MDagPath and MObject objects in API debug mode.
  • I have added some source code documentation online generated using doxygen. It’s pretty bare bones for now, but I hope to expand it in the future.

One thought on “AM Tools 1.03”

  1. I realized after posting this that it might appear to the outside world that I went straight from version 1.01 to 1.03. To avoid any confusion, 1.02 was a silent update with some assorted bug fixes.

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