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I just released a minor update to AM Tools that I thought was worth mentioning here. The only change is some refactoring in plug-in verification to ensure everything will work fine with versions of Maya older than 2010 on Windows. Previously, I was using the allNodeTypes command to verify the existence of plug-ins containing nodes. While this command generally only needs to be called twice to make it work in old versions of Maya on OSX (and I believe Linux too), Windows users could get a Debug.dll error that would just prevent the script from working. Special thanks to Sean Binder and Chad Dombrova for helping me troubleshoot this!

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  1. Hello Adam,
    First off, thank you for providing this excellent set of tools!

    I’m sorry to bug you with this, but I was hoping you could help me with some trouble I encountered during installation —

    I’ve followed the instructions for the installation of the python scripts in the Maya directories. However, upon launching Maya, I’ve come across the following error:

    Failed to execute
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “E:/JAC/Documents/maya/2012-x64/scripts\”, line 3, in
    import amTools
    File “E:/JAC/Documents/maya/2012-x64/scripts\amTools\”, line 71, in
    import menu
    File “E:/JAC/Documents/maya/2012-x64/scripts\amTools\”, line 139, in
    File “E:/JAC/Documents/maya/2012-x64/scripts\amTools\”, line 54, in build, parent=mainWindow, tearOff=True, label=”AM Tools”)
    RuntimeError: Layout must be a menuBarLayout:

    Do you have any thoughts on how I could go solving this?
    Thank you,

  2. Hi Juan,

    Do you get the same problem if you import after Maya GUI is loaded, or only when importing from a

  3. Hi Adam,

    The problem only arises on startup using the
    I’ve created a mel button shelf button that contains “import amTools”. If I run this after Maya has loaded, things seem to load just fine.

  4. Does it change matters at all if you do it this way in your userSetup?

    import maya.cmds
    maya.cmds.evalDeferred('import amTools')

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