Biped Editor released

For anyone at Unite, you already know about this. Unity announced their asset store at the keynote yesterday, which lets developers sell or share assets, editor extensions, and so on, right inside the Unity editor for users to download directly into their projects. As such, I wrapped up a first release of my Biped Editor and put it up with full source code. You can get it from the Unity asset store now, if you download Unity 3.1. I put together a quick tutorial video for anyone who downloads it to get an idea of what the feature set for this release looks like. Hope some of you out there find it useful!

Note: for best viewing, I recommend turning the resolution on the video up to 1080p and watching full-screen, since that’s my native resolution and it will be easier to read some of the buttons.

7 thoughts on “Biped Editor released”

  1. As far as I can tell there’s no compatibility problems (at least, taking a the boot camp character using the locomotion system and adding a biped to him to make him go ragdoll doesn’t create any null references or anything).

  2. hi, this looks great. I wonder how would it work with non-biped meshes? Would I have to pre-rig a non biped mesh with a standard human rig?

    I am looking for an effect achieved by the auto-rigging demo found at – when their biped auto-rigging algorithm is applied to a torus (a walking donut!) and goes wrong on a rabbit (where it makes the ears the legs) [see the avi]

    Again, great work! Regards, Ian

  3. Hi Ian! Thanks for your interest. To clarify: the Biped Editor is not an auto-rigger. It is expected that your character mesh is already bound to a transform (bone) hierarchy.

    The automatic setup parts of the Biped Editor simply look for the proper transforms in the hierarchy and attempt to automate the size and shape of colliders, as well as the angular limits for joints, based on the configuration of these transforms. It therefore requires that you already have a skeleton to which your mesh is bound, no matter what the mesh happens to be.

  4. Adam,

    I purchased the biped editor, but I think it would be helpful to have access to one or more of the rigged characters you show in the video so we could examine them in Maya or whatever.

  5. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for your support! It may be something possible to include in a future update, though two of the characters I show in the video are already freely available (the soldier on the far left is part of Unity’s Third-Person Shooter Demo, and the woman to his right should be included in Mixamo’s Root Motion Computer package). Otherwise, I know Mixamo does have a few free characters on the Asset Store. Let me know if there’s something else in particular you’d expect to see.

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