GDC and a New Year’s Resolution

Well, 2010 is now done, and I think I’ve selected some important goals for myself this year: learn to say “no” to interesting projects, and finish my own stuff! I have a TKO update forging ahead behind the scenes, and in the process I’ve built another tool I wanted to show, as it will be part of my Complete Maya-Unity tools release coming soon.

Alongside the TKO update, I’m promising a 0.1 release for the Maya-Unity tools by GDC! The board has finally approved a submission from me, so I’ll be doing a session on Automated Pipelines for Generating Run-Time Rigs. I want to have a version of the tools ready to go by then so people will be able to download them and have a look if interested. My GDC session will basically be a higher-level, expanded, and much more detailed look at some of the stuff I showed during my talk on advanced editor scripting at Unite 2010, for anyone who was there.

Unite is actually a good segue into the video I have to share today, too. At the conference, I had showed some examples I had of using editor scripts to generate sparse blend shape data offline. The point was to demonstrate the usefulness of editor scripts in reducing run-time computation, but I unfortunately didn’t have a good pipeline for it yet. So I put together a decent first pass on native blend shape support this week. It, too, will be part of my 0.1 release for my Maya-Unity workflow, so hopefully a couple of you out there will be looking forward to it. Have a great 2011!

4 thoughts on “GDC and a New Year’s Resolution”

  1. Hi Adam,

    Wow, this is indeed useful. Yes, I’m definitely looking forward to this. Have a happy new year !


  2. I won’t be able to make it to GDC this year, but I’ll put my money where my mouth is and buy a license for this if it was in the <= $30 range if you'd make this available.

    Looks great! Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing.

  3. I was in your GDC talk on Tuesday. I was very very impressed by your presentation and had to look for your website. I have a feeling that I am going to learn so much from here. Big thanks for sharing!

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