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I’ve been pretty silent lately, but I’ve also been busy! In addition to getting our place ready for our first baby (!), I’ve been wrapping up stuff on the Maya Python book. I’m happy to report the proofs have been well under way, and it will be going to print soon. Our official sale date is at the end of November. I hope some of you out there find it helpful!

With baby due any day, I am frantically trying to tie up a few loose ends, and so made time to put together an update for my Biped Editor on the Unity Asset Store. The main new feature I added is some simple mechanisms to help characters intelligently get up from ragdoll (a request I’ve gotten from quite a few customers). I haven’t had a huge number of test cases, so do please let me know if you have any issues so I can get it fixed! (Note also I will be increasing the tool’s price, so buy it now while it’s cheap and get the free upgrade as soon as it hits!)

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  1. Hello,

    I am about to buy your biped editor, I want to clarify following, in my game spec, the character has to be able to detect collision in finer fashion, for example, if the body part is hit/collide, I need to be able to tell whether it is on the left ribs or right ribs, left chest or right chest or even in the middle so that will give different score. Can your tool handle this feature, if yes please explain how?, and if not please give some ideas how to do that in Unity (I am new in Unity)

    Regarding license, if there is any update or new feature of your biped editor, am I able to update it somehow ? if not then may be you can tell me when you will release your next version ?


  2. Hi San San.

    My tool will help quickly set up colliders on your characters and configure joints for ragdoll and so on. It is designed with performance in mind, and so is intended to generate a minimal set of inexpensive colliders.

    Your specific problem can be achieved in two ways depending upon a range of requirements (e.g., how many characters you have, what your performance constraints are, etc.). You could use my tool as-is, and when you detect a collision on the upper torso collider do some quick math to determine which side it is on (this is what I would probably always do). Otherwise, you can manually configure separate colliders for different parts of the torso. While it may superficially seem easier to do it this way since you can just detect which collider was hit, you’ll pay a price for having extra colliders, and it is unlikely they will perfectly correspond to your deforming character anyway.

    As for your second question, the Unity Asset Store license is set up so that if you buy a tool at any time, you are automatically entitled to free updates indefinitely, just like the iOS App Store.

    Good luck!

  3. Adam,

    How did you rotate the colliders? Some of the pivots of my characters bones are not aligned with the bone chain, and thus the colliders are messed up. Have you figure out a way to rotate them? Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi Sunny,

    Thanks for getting in touch! The Biped Editor does not currently support this feature, but I will be sure to put it in the next update. I’m working on a pretty big update of some other tools right now, so I’m not quite sure when I can make it ready. If you haven’t seen anything by the end of August, then make sure to bug me again.

  5. Thanks for the reply!

    Can you tell me how do you plan to address it? I have been thinking, maybe create a child gameobject under the bone and attach the collider to it? But wouldn’t that mess up the rigibody? Since the rigibody is attached at the parent object.

  6. That’s exactly what I plan to do is just insert a child where there’s rotation. Should work just fine. A rigidbody will actually use all colliders of its children that are not attached via a physics joint.

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