In keeping with my lack of information about when our book will be available, it turns out Amazon has actually had the Kindle version available for about a week, and the hardcover will be available in a couple of days! Thanks to a diligent reader, Nicholas Breslow, I was made aware of this fact today, so I’ve opened up the book’s companion web site today as well.

Thanks in advance for anyone who checks it out, and do please contact me with any errors you find so I can note them (as well as any second opinions). It was quite the affair to get it wrapped up, and I’m sure plenty of things slipped through the cracks.

6 thoughts on “Book!”

  1. Hey Adam,

    Just wanted to make sure you guys had checked out the potential issue with code formatting in the Kindle edition. As mentioned in the Amazon comments, the leading whitespace in the Python code is stripped out in the computer preview of chapter 1. I’m not sure if that issue is on the actual Kindle devices as well, but definitely worth investigating.

  2. Hey Adam,

    I have also downloaded samples of the book from Google eBooks, Nook, Kindle, and Kobo. All of the eBook versions I can find are sans leading whitespace in the Python code. 🙁

  3. Hello Adam,

    the book is really good, but please take some time out to reply .. I am at Chapter 7 and not sure why you made the pose manager to copy old pose to clipboard :-/

  4. Hi Sanjeev,

    In general, I’d suggest posting questions about the book to the specific chapter’s page on the book’s website itself, as it makes it easier for other readers to find important discussions related to the book (e.g.,

    That said, I’m not entirely sure what you mean. Are you just wondering why we included the copy/paste functionality, or is there a bug in the tool?

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