Any Biped Editor Users Out There?

Unfortunately, as a content developer for the Unity Asset Store, I have no real means of contacting customers directly, so I’m hoping there are some of you out there who might get in touch with me.

I’m working on some revisions to the Biped Editor, and am seriously considering committing some cardinal sins in the interest of making the code much easier for me to maintain and extend for future use. I’m looking at some technical changes that wouldn’t necessitate your updating in the middle of a project in production, but I wouldn’t want to prevent you from doing so if you wanted to take advantage of some new features. The main things I need to know right now are:

  • Are there any public APIs on which your pipeline currently relies, apart from the automated setup and GetUp() methods? Considering how much coupling was in place already, I sincerely doubt it, but I also don’t want to push the big red button with little more than an assumption behind it.
  • How seriously would it inconvenience you to have to fix a couple of compiler errors if you got a new update? (e.g., de-nested nested classes, changing method signatures that use bools to use enums, etc.)
  • How seriously would it inconvenience you to have to redo automated setup?
  • How seriously would it inconvenience you to have to re-link your get up animations?

Please feel free to contact me directly or to post here. Thanks!

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