5 thoughts on “Feeling Biped-Curious?”

  1. Hi Adam, I just bought it and it looks pretty good, I think there’s a bug with unity 4.1 though. The animator parameter fields refuse to populate, so there’s no way to choose the ragdoll/supine/energy animator params. I stepped through it in a debugger and it seems to run the initialize ok, it just never populates.

  2. Just to follow up, I found a workaround (.. I think). If you look at line 256 of AnimatorParameterField.cs this check is what’s causing the problem:

    if(controller.GetEventType(i) == (int)this.parameterType)

    It’s because this.parameterType == Vector for some reason, even though it should be bool.

  3. To anyone who bought Biped yesterday: Thank you! The bug Ian described here was actually fixed earlier yesterday, so if you downloaded the tool early in the day, make sure you have updated to version 2.7.

  4. Hi. I just purchased your Biped tool and am getting a repeating log message (this occurs immediately when I add the component even before I start Play) and it goes on adding new messages forever:
    “Look rotation viewing vector is zero
    UnityEditorInternal.Slider1D:Do(Int32, Vector3, Vector3, Single, DrawCapFunction, Single) (at C:/BuildAgent/work/cac08d8a5e25d4cb/Editor/Mono/EditorHandles/Slider1D.cs:110)
    UnityEditor.Handles:Slider(Vector3, Vector3, Single, DrawCapFunction, Single)
    LinearHandles:Slider(Single&, Vector3, Vector3, String, Color, Single, Int32, DisplayMode) (at Assets/Biped/Library/Editor/Handles/LinearHandles.cs:608)
    LinearHandles:Dot(Single&, Vector3, Vector3, String, Color, Single, Int32) (at Assets/Biped/Library/Editor/Handles/LinearHandles.cs:409)
    LinearHandles:Dot(Single&, Vector3, Vector3, Single, Int32) (at Assets/Biped/Library/Editor/Handles/LinearHandles.cs:312)
    ShapeHandles:CylinderHandle(Single&, Single&, Vector3, Quaternion, String, Color, CylinderCap) (at Assets/Biped/Library/Editor/Handles/ShapeHandles.cs:442)
    ShapeHandles:WireCapsule(Single&, Single&, Vector3, Quaternion, String, Color) (at Assets/Biped/Library/Editor/Handles/ShapeHandles.cs:270)
    ShapeHandles:WireCapsule(Single&, Single&, Vector3, Quaternion, String) (at Assets/Biped/Library/Editor/Handles/ShapeHandles.cs:209)
    BodyPartEditor:DisplayCapsuleShapeHandle(BodyPart, OppositePartDisplayMode) (at Assets/Biped/Library/Editor/Editors/BodyPartEditor.cs:1358)
    BodyPartEditor:DisplayShapeHandle(BodyPart, OppositePartDisplayMode) (at Assets/Biped/Library/Editor/Editors/BodyPartEditor.cs:1281)
    BodyPartEditor:DisplayHandles(BodyPart, OppositePartDisplayMode, Color) (at Assets/Biped/Library/Editor/Editors/BodyPartEditor.cs:952)
    BipedEditor:DisplayViewportHandles() (at Assets/Biped/Library/Editor/Editors/BipedEditor.cs:436)
    BipedEditor:OnSceneGUI() (at Assets/Biped/Library/Editor/Editors/BipedEditor.cs:544)

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