Professional Background

Adam Mechtley I have been working in video games since 2004, primarily as a technical artist and programmer, on games for the web, consoles, and mobile devices. I also helped write a book on Python programming for Autodesk Maya. You can find out more about some of my past work throughout the various sections of my site. I currently work as a software developer for Unity Technologies.

Personal Info

I have a BA in Game Art and Design from the Art Institute of Phoenix, as well as a BA in German, a BA in Political Science, and a certificate in Philosophy, Politics, and Law from Arizona State University. In addition to my present work, I am a PhD candidate in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. My research is focused on using learning analytics methods to support the study of situated epistemic cognition in computer games. Please see my academic CV if you’re interested in more information.

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  1. Hi Adam,

    Just saw the the Maya tools are not available on the Unity Store anymore. I’m in need of an orient constraint to replicate the maya one. Is your script still available in some other way?



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