HyperText for Unity 4.6

If you’re already working in the open beta of Unity 4.6, you’re hopefully on your way to making a great UI with the new UI system. If you’re looking to get a little bit more out of the UI system though, I’m happy to report I have a new asset store package available today! The package, which I’ve called HyperText, adds some new functionality to the built-in Text component, including the ability to:

  • emit callbacks for different mouseover/touch states
  • create custom styles for links and your own rich text tags
  • easily reuse and manage styles throughout your project
  • display sprites inline with text as quads, and
  • automatically detect and tag keywords

Check out the 1.0 video for more info:

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An Automated Pipeline for Generating Run-Time Rigs

On account of getting the flu at GDC, and then having to catch up on all of my work that wasn’t getting done, I’ve been a little behind, but I wanted to make sure I got up a write-up for my main conference presentation from GDC this year.
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Biped Editor for Unity 3.0

I’ve been really head-down for awhile with work, the latest of which has involved some pretty substantial refactoring of Touch KO for a big update this summer (finally!). Since I’ve been working in Unity 3.0, I thought I’d share a short clip of a tool I developed during the refactoring process. It’s a biped component along with an editor for interactively adjusting collision shapes and sizes as well as joint limits. The component also has functionality to perform an automatic mass distribution based on human values, as well as interfaces for entering and exiting ragdoll. If I manage to get caught up on things after the update I’ll probably share the code on here eventually, but as anyone who follows the site may have guessed it’s been really busy lately O_o.

Note: for best viewing, I recommend turning the resolution on the video up to 1080p and watching full-screen, since that’s my native resolution and it will be easier to read some of the buttons.