The New Tools Are Here!

Because making good videos takes a bit of time, I have fallen a bit behind on the next rigging ones I have lined up. However, because all of the technology I explain in the videos already exists, I decided to go ahead and put it up for download! What this means is although you cannot yet see the videos where I explain how and why I made these tools the way I did, you are free to go ahead and download them and try them out.

There are a variety of different ones up there, but in particular I would like to point you to the shoulder constraint node I made in Python. This is my first Python plugin so I would really appreciate any feedback you have while using it. Please note the MEL Scripts and the example file that I have included in the ZIP as well, as these should greatly assist in using the new plugin.

In other news, !Rebolt! finally made it through Apple’s mysterious approval process. Go ahead and buy it!

Maya Python Nodes – Compound Attributes

If you are anything like me, you can’t always find what you need in the Maya Python API documentation. Sometimes the information in the docs does not match what actually exists in the header files. Sometimes you cannot find sufficient examples of what you want to accomplish in Autodesk’s sample scripts. When you really hit the bottom and have to scour the dregs of the internet, you will typically find a dearth of information.

Because developing Maya Nodes using the Python API has consistently been an excruciating process for me, I want to save you the headache and post things here as I come across them. Most things turn out to be fairly simple, yet require a lot of hair-ripping to sort out. One issue I came across today was setting values for compound attributes. Continue reading Maya Python Nodes – Compound Attributes