MSyntax.enableQuery() and MSyntax.enableEdit() Break Object Parsing

In Maya, many built-in commands support any of three modes: create, edit, and query. Although it may not be immediately obvious, each of these modes has some particularities that set them apart, and which consequently require some extra effort on the part of the programmer to support. Maya does have some built-in support, which is presently only partially functional, so it is helpful to understand what it actually gains you to use it and work around its issues.
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Problems with allNodeTypes Command

Oftentimes, when loading your own custom tool set, you may want to confirm the existence of a plug-in on the client machine in order to prevent weird errors. Specifically, if you create a tool that works with a custom node, you may want to verify the node’s existence using the allNodeTypes command. Unfortunately, this command has a really quirky problem when used in Python.
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Problems with MItSelectionList Filters

One of the most common tools in the Maya API for custom commands is the MItSelectionList class. Part of the reason why it is so valuable is because it allows for an optional filter in its constructor using the MFn::Type enum. Applying a filter allows us to effectively ignore certain types of objects in which we are not interested, and conceivably to code with some amount of impunity since we know what the objects inside the iterator will be. Conceivably…
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