The New Tools Are Here!

Because making good videos takes a bit of time, I have fallen a bit behind on the next rigging ones I have lined up. However, because all of the technology I explain in the videos already exists, I decided to go ahead and put it up for download! What this means is although you cannot yet see the videos where I explain how and why I made these tools the way I did, you are free to go ahead and download them and try them out.

There are a variety of different ones up there, but in particular I would like to point you to the shoulder constraint node I made in Python. This is my first Python plugin so I would really appreciate any feedback you have while using it. Please note the MEL Scripts and the example file that I have included in the ZIP as well, as these should greatly assist in using the new plugin.

In other news, !Rebolt! finally made it through Apple’s mysterious approval process. Go ahead and buy it!


I have recently entered into the wonderful world of iPhone development. Although it is fun to use some interesting visual tricks on such a limited platform, I have been surprised by its 3D capabilities. My brother, Matt, and I started developing a new iPhone game last weekend for TIGJam 2008. For lack of a better title, I am calling it Robots! right now. Here is some video capture of what we managed during TIGJAM.