Title Description Level Software
Understanding Aim Constraints This video provides a technical explanation of how aim constraints work. The purpose is to develop an understanding of fundamental ideas that power more advanced rigging solutions. Beginner Any
Rigging a Forearm Twist This video provides an explanation of how to create an efficient twist structure for a forearm using an aim constraint. The result is compatible with IK and FK animation, and is not subject to Gimbal locking. Intermediate Any

2 thoughts on “Tutorials”

  1. Dear Adam,

    It’s Marco from London and I am a C4D user.
    I have seen you published the book Maya Python.
    Considering I should start from scratch with the code, does it make sense to learn from your book and convert the knowledge to C4D?
    Because at moment I can’t find any Python for C4D book.

    Many Thanks,


  2. Thanks for getting in touch, Marco! Unfortunately I don’t know how far that would get you. While the first couple of chapters introduce basic Python concepts, they’re really optimized for someone coming from a MEL scripting background. The rest of the book is pretty specific to Maya’s architecture and APIs. You might try asking on e.g., http://tech-artists.org/ but in general just starting with a good, general purpose Python book serves many people well. Even if there’s a lack of C4D-specific resources out there, it would give you some basic literacy to more effectively navigate C4D’s Python APIs, documentation, etc. Good luck!

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